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A Global Affair

A look at poster from around the world for Barbara Bouchet's 1st uncredited role.

The Return of Barbara Bouchet Pic of the Week!

This week's pic is a rare still from her final American TV show appearance in Tarzan.

Barbara Bouchet: The Films

A breakdown of what we've reviewed so far.

He Tarzan, She Barbara

Barbara's Bouchet's final American TV appearance before beginning her career into Italian film.

The Marisa Mell Photo Memoir Series Entry #8

A brief look at a few photos documenting a brief music career for Marisa Mell.

Voluptuous Vinyl - Sister Site

Like we don't have enough on our plate, we've started a new blog solely dedicated to music that's available on vinyl records.  It's become a new interest of mine over the last year and I thought it would be fun to share some stuff I've come across, both well known as well as artists you've probably never heard of.  You can check the new site out at Voluptuous Vinyl .  It's my goal to at least post something once a week... we'll see how that works out!

New reviews dedicated to Italian based films from the 50's - 70's are in the works for this blog as well so stay tuned.
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Barbara Bouchet: The Posters - A Global Affair (1964)

A moderately comprehensive collection of film posters from A Global Affair starring Bob Hope with a very brief un-credited first film appearance by Barbara Bouchet.  If you know of any other posters from any other countries not displayed below, feel free to let me know and if you have a picture I can add it.

1 Sheet





6 Sheet

3 Sheet
1 Sheet
Half Sheet


Window Card

Lobby Cards

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Barbara Bouchet: Picture of the Week #16

With a lot of things on my plate I decided it's probably best not to put more on it than I can handle, so for the time being we'll be focusing on the Barbara Bouchet series and maybe a few other things, instead of branching out the Answer's Angel section as I previously was interested in doing.  In the Bouchet series we're on the cusp of breaking into the meaty roles with Barbara's first starring role coming up in our next review.  But before we get there I'm in the process of updating some of the side sections in the series, like the poster section, to catch up with where we're at in the films, as I know I'll never catch up if I let it get too far behind.  So for the time being I re-activating the Picture of the Week section, bringing you some deliciously rare photos of the lovely actress.

The picture for this week is a production photo from the last TV series appearance we reviewed a few weeks back from Tarzan.  A very hard to find TV series and not many photos seem to be floating around out there except a typical few.

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Barbara Bouchet: The Films

This page will serve as a cliff-note review for all the appearances made by Barbara Bouchet, with links to full reviews.

The Un-credited Roles

A Global Affair (1964) - 6/10

A Global Affair is a cute little comedy with a relatively amusing performance by Bob Hope and a slew of beautiful foreign actresses I'd for the most part never heard of. Full Review


What A Way To Go! (1964) - 5/10

What A Way To Go! is an interesting pairing of some of Hollywood's classic actors, and possibly worth a look for that reason. Full Review

Bedtime Story (1964) - 6/10

Bedtime Story is a decent little comedy that ended up spawning a more recognizable copy twenty-four years later. Full Review

Good Neighbor Sam (1964) - 7/10

Good Neighbor Sam is an entertainingly quirky little comedy, absolutely ridiculous but fun none the less. Full Review

Sex and the Single Girl (1964) - 6/10

Sex and the Single Girl isn't anything overly special and I'm sure it wasn't the high point of any of the A-list stars careers, but if you're a fan of Curtis or Wood it's worth a look, on its own it's a decent comedy but definitely could have been trimmed down a little. Full Review

John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (1965) - 4/10

John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! is probably one of the most unorganized messes I've seen in a long time; it's amazing those behind this were able to get a cast of some relatively successful actors and actresses to participate... Full Review

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Tarzan - Season 2 Episode 22: Jungle Ransom (1968)

Saving the best for last.  That's probably a phrase the short lived 1960's television series Tarzan never had associated with it before.  As we come to the close of the short spurt of American television appearances made by the lovely Barbara Bouchet and begin the long journey into her Italian based career, Tarzan rounds out the mix with outstanding B-grade entertainment and familiar faces.  Ironically making it the high point of entertainment in this brief section of Barbara Bouchet's career.

Jungle Ransom pits Tarzan against famed South American outlaw Velasquez (Fernando Lamas), who attacks a small village, only to quickly be captured by Tarzan who plans to turn him over to the authorities.  But a young woman by the name of Angela Fraser (Barbara Bouchet) has a different plan.  She runs into Tarzan and Velasquez boarding a local ferry and decides to hitch a ride.  As it turns out Velasquez's gang is holding her husband ransom.  Angela foils Tarzan's attempt at bringing Velasquez in by crashing the boat and taking pot shots at the criminal with a long barrel rifle.  When Tarzan finally manages to calm her down, he's explained the situation and agrees to help her rescue her husband.  But this all may be a trap!

Tarzan wins out as the best of Barbara Bouchet's TV appearances on pure campy entertainment value alone.  It's not well written, acted or produced, but the cast of characters, guest stars (which also included Ted Cassidy, best known as Lurch on The Addams Family), and over-the-top action makes this episode easily one of the better ones to sit through out of Barbara's prior appearances.  The Tarzan series also happens to be the hardest of Bouchet's TV appearances to find, as being a rather short lived 1960's series the demand for it's revival on DVD doesn't seem to be very high, so some internet searching is needed to find any of the episodes, which are usually very poor faded quality.  In the end, this was a good way to close the final introductory chapter into the upcoming extensive career of Barbara Bouchet, when we meet again it will be her first entry into leading lady cult stardom!


Bonus Bouchet:
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